Thursday, March 13, 2014


The following throughout interval learning in the academic year …………………………. should be done;

  • To get practice under the control of the school administration like an apprentice.
  • To make plans for programs, curricula, syllabuses, and organized events in written form.
  • To acquire knowledge and skills of a senior student.
  • To invite a person in a supervisory position and teaching methodology group to not less than 6 lessons to get grades in the lessons.
  • To read necessary books and woks and make a note.
  • To improve skills in English language, information communication technology, and education.
  • To analyze lessons taught, and events organized and record on way for improvement.
  • To work as a form teacher and investigate the class and note a characterization of education and psychology.
  • To participate in activities for teachers organized by the school administration.
  • To organize activities for pupils.
  • To implement a theoretical knowledge in a real lesson.
  • To assist a pupil behind the others in his or her free time.
  • To exchange of opinions and share experience and knowledge with mates.

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