Thursday, March 13, 2014


Department of Academic Affairs functioned with the posts of Dean and manager of the department and the departments of major field of studies, the school library, and data bank are subordinate to it.
Department of Academic Affairs is;

  1. To plan a tendency, a program, and an arrangement to improve content of training, methodology, quality of training, and produce, to determine class-timetable and schedule of examinations, and to oversee them.
  2. To take appropriate steps in curriculum and syllabus to bring to perfection and to put under control in fulfillment.
  3. To arrange to increase efficiency of teaching staffs, to retrain, and to specialize, to negotiate with a full time don, and to oversee implementation.
  4. To draft projects of a relevant document, a rule, an order, a dictation, and an instruction, and provide the administration with information, analyses, and research permanently.
  5. To conclude an agreement, an orientation, and practice field, to organize, and to evaluate.
  6. To direct the orientation of the library, to control, and enrich the fund of the library constantly.
  7. To organize the admission, to estimate, the number of students, major fields of studies, an examination form, and tuition in each academic year, and to introduce a motion.

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